A Buyer’s Guide to the 4 Best Car Speakers

A Buyer’s Guide to the 4 Best Car Speakers

A Buyer’s Guide to the 4 Best Car Speakers
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A fun ride requires great sound, and the ones that came installed with your car may not cut it for everybody. Maybe the speakers that came preinstalled have lost their capabilities. For you to get the best sound, you’ll need the best speakers, and that’s exactly what we have for you today. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best speakers on the market to upgrade your car’s sound system. This list considers these key qualifications:
  • Sound quality
  • Reviews
  • Price
If any of these options catch your eye, be sure to check that the speaker(s) fit your car. They may not be available for every model. Keep reading to find the speaker that’s right for you.

The Best Bang for Your Buck: Pyle Three-Way Sound Speaker System

If you need something that doesn’t hurt your bank account, the Pyle PL463BL will solve your needs. This speaker is made with a strong rubber surround that gives it longevity and good durability; a proper installation ensures that the speaker will stay secure. It delivers its good sound through its 1” neodymium film dome, allowing up to a 20Khz frequency. Installing this speaker is somewhat easy, but it depends on your car model. Some may require a few extra screws. Best of all, several sizes are available to suit your car’s dimensions. Pyle speakers are a good option for replacing your car’s preinstalled speakers and provide a slightly better than average sound experience. It does the job well, but it won’t provide the same top-tier sound that many other speakers on the market will. You can, however, get a better experience at a much better price. Prices start at $22, depending on where you shop.

Elite Sound Quality: JBL Premium GTO609C

JBL is one of the more well-known brands for music devices, such as headphones, Bluetooth speakers, wireless speakers, and car speakers. One of the premier car speakers on the market is the GTO 6.5” series. Regardless of the exact model you choose, you can expect great performance. The GTO series has received much praise for its full range of speakers. One of the larger models that still ensures a crisp sound is the GTO609C. Its design is made to deliver 270 watts of power. The light, stiff, carbon-injected cones are larger than others in its class, which allows the speaker to radiate more air, giving some of the best sounds that your ears will hear from your vehicle. Whichever size you need, there will be a right fit for your exact car. For anyone making upgrades to their car’s interior, this is a great, long-lasting option. Its build is meant to withstand difficult conditions, both inside and outside of the car. That being said, you may not of the modern exterior design and premium finishes—they’re pretty bold. Prices for this model start at around $170.

Loudest of the Bunch: Kicker Marine KM8

Have you considered throwing a backyard party but don’t want to carry heavy speakers with you? You can simply drive to the party and have the loudest sounds. Install the Kicker Marine KM8 in your car, and you’ll be the bringer of good tunes. It works great for motorboats as well, not just cars. Previous users have appreciated the great sound quality in the low- to mid-range frequencies. Another highlight is the KM8’s durability. Its rubber design helps to make it strong, in addition to being waterproof. If you like lights with your sound, these speakers provide them, too, and they’re a great addition to bring life to any party. The speaker does have one main flaw: the trade-off for its loudness is its lack of bass. This may turn away music lovers who need to feel the sound. You’ll find many highly positive reviews on this speaker on numerous websites. Prices for this model start at around $290 for the pair.

Feel the Bass With the Pioneer TS-M800 Pro

Above, we mentioned the loudest speaker, now let’s talk about the speaker for bass lovers. The TS-M800 Pro brings just that: powerfully optimized bass, balanced sound quality, and strong output. At 8” and made of high-grade material, this speaker is lightweight and vibration-absorbing. This means you can blast your bass at high volume, so long as your amplifier can take it. Its peak power sits at 1400 watts. For around $170, you’ll get pleasantly designed speakers with a sound you can feel.

Tips for Looking at Speakers

Before you go searching for new speakers, first decide if they’re a personal upgrade or a need. If it’s something you need to replace messed up, pre-installed speakers, stick with speakers that won’t cost an arm and a leg. If you’re just wanting to upgrade your current sound system, then go with your ear’s desire. Regardless, you need to read up on the following details:
  • Durability, Should your car’s speakers be the source of the party’s music, you’ll want speakers that can resist damage and debris.
  • Sound quality, Having a balance of loudness and bass is necessary to fully enjoy the sound experience. Make sure to read up on a speaker’s sound performance.
  • Dimensions, As stated above, many speakers will fit many car models; however, you could find that some are not built for your car. Check the speaker’s size and the measurements of your car to ensure the right fit.
  • Your budget, As much as you may want to get the best speaker on the market, it’s not always worth throwing away a few hundred dollars for one.


A good speaker has to meet the needs of its buyer. This is why we’ve provided these options as a guide to help you decide. Let this be a good start to your speaker hunt. Just be certain to take all the necessary measurements so you buy one that fits your car properly.

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