Competitors Can’t Touch Toyota’s Avalon

Competitors Can’t Touch Toyota’s Avalon

Competitors Can’t Touch Toyota’s Avalon
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First introduced in February 1994, the Avalon is Toyota’s largest sedan and now serves as its flagship vehicle in Canada. It has been regularly praised for its spacious cabin, smooth ride, and stunning comfort. In recent years, Toyota has made the Avalon even more appealing to consumers, adding a wide range of trims and options. Toyota also brought the Lexus ES platform into Avalons starting in 2013, reinforcing the upscale, premium feel that initially made the model such a favorite. 

Older generations of the Toyota Avalon have been heralded as the perfect first car for teenagers. The model has since outgrown this reputation and is now a great choice for car buyers, whether younger or older seeking to combine reliability with luxury. This review offers a quick look at the 2021 Toyota Avalon, including its interior and tech features.

What Is the 2021 Toyota Avalon?

The 2021 Avalon features many new options, as Toyota fights to remain at the top of the shrinking large sedan class. While only a front-wheel-drive Avalon has historically been offered, Toyota introduced an all-wheel-drive (AWD) option this year. Upgraded interior amenities and driver assistance features also place the 2021 Toyota Avalon solidly at the top of the full-size sedan class.

What’s Under the 2021 Toyota Avalon’s Hood?

Two powertrains are available this year. Standard models feature a 3.5 litre V-6 engine delivering 301 horsepower and 267 pound-feet of torque. An eight-speed automatic transmission is featured on all trims and sends power to the front wheels. The US EPA rates fuel economy at 9.35 L/100 km (22 mpg) in the city and 7.84 L/100 km (30 mpg) on the highway.

Car buyers who prefer an AWD system must choose a 2.5 litre four-cylinder engine producing 205 horsepower with the same automatic transmission. Toyota loyalists will find many similarities between the Avalon’s AWD system and those in the RAV4 and Camry. The smaller engine in the AWD models makes them more efficient than their front-wheel drive counterparts at 9.41 L/100 km (25 mpg) in the city and 6.92 L/100 km (34 mpg) on the highway.

For the first time in 2021, Toyota is offering a hybrid version of the Avalon. It pairs the 2.5 litre four-cylinder engine with dual electric motors and a lithium-ion battery. This setup produces a net output of 215 horsepower and is paired with a continuously variable automatic transmission that transfers power to the front wheels of the vehicle. Unsurprisingly, the hybrid model features better fuel efficiency than its gasoline counterparts, at 4.52 L/100 km (52 mpg) combined between city and highway. 

How Is the 2021 Toyota Avalon’s Interior?

The 2021 Toyota Avalon contains plenty of interior space, with an expansive trunk and generous legroom for rear passengers. The design, quality, and overall look of the Avalon’s interior is vastly improved over previous generations. All models come standard with high-quality leather seats that provide an outstanding level of comfort to both driver and passengers.

The rear seats can also be folded down to increase the amount of trunk space. Overall, the Toyota Avalon’s interior is a very comfortable place to spend several hours while traveling. Both front and rear passengers have enough room to stretch their legs and store all their belongings: suitcases, backpacks, briefcases, and more. 

How Is the 2021 Toyota Avalon’s Tech?

The Toyota Avalon comes with a standard nine-inch infotainment system featuring Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capabilities. Unlike many cars, Amazon Alexa is also included in the 2021 Avalon. Convenience features such as keyless entry, push-button start, and dual-zone climate control all come standard in every trim, along with Bluetooth, satellite radio, and a wi-fi hotspot. Drivers can remain at peace knowing their vehicle also contains several assistance features such as Hill Start Assist Control, adaptive cruise control, and lane departure alert. 

The five models of the 2021 Toyota Avalon offer a wide range of options to improve your driving experience; examples include a moonroof, heads-up display, and ambient lighting. The high-end XSE and Limited trims add ventilated seats, wireless device charging, and a surround-view parking camera system. 

Our Take on the 2021 Toyota Avalon

Simply put, car buyers can’t go wrong with the purchase of a brand new Toyota Avalon. It boasts outstanding tech features developed to keep drivers both safe and entertained. If you’re a budget-conscious consumer with an affinity for luxury, you’ll find yourself right at home with what is essentially a Lexus in engine design and interior quality. While it is the most expensive vehicle in its class, the Avalon features a level of comfort and technology that its rivals can’t touch.


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