Eight of The World’s Spookiest Vehicles

Eight of The World’s Spookiest Vehicles

Eight of The World’s Spookiest Vehicles
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Vehicles have a long-standing relationship with famous movies and television shows. In some cases, they are notable companions to the film’s leading actor, but other times, cars and trucks stand out as the star. 

With Halloween around the corner, let’s celebrate some of the most frightening vehicles caught on film. To help you get into the spooky spirit, we’ll share where to stream the flicks in advance of the scariest night of the year. Even though these are mostly older films, it would be inconsiderate to fail to warn you that there are major spoilers ahead!

1941 Chevrolet Coe

Starring in: Jeepers Creepers 1 & 3 | Watch on: Amazon, Hulu, Vudu 

The Chevrolet Coe (cab-over-engine) was a heavy-duty, rustic truck that starred in the Jeepers Creepers franchise. While it didn’t appear in the sequel, films number one and three showcased the devilish automobile as a significant plot point in the main storylines. The vehicle is eventually revealed to be owned by the Creeper and features the iconic license plate, “BEATNGU” (Be Eating You.)

In the original Jeepers Creepers, the COE appears in the film’s opening scene, running a pair of actors off the road. What felt like an ordinary case of road rage soon turns incredibly grim. As the co-stars resume their travels, they spot the truck parked near an abandoned church, where they watch the antagonist unloading bodies wrapped in bloodstained sheets. The truck later returns to run the actors off the road for a second time before riding off into the sunset during the closing credits.  

1938 Rolls Royce Wraith

Starring in: NOS4A2 | Watch on: Hulu, AMC

The 1938 Rolls Royce Wraith was created by the mind of Joe Hill, who is horror icon Stephen King’s son. The vehicle was first revealed in a thrilling novel before becoming adapted into a two-season television show. Adorned on the car is a license plate stamped, NOS4A2, or Nosferatu, another word for vampire. 

The Wraith is owned by Charlie Manx, who used the vehicle to abduct children and take them to a place called Christmasland. It was revealed that Manx was aged 140-years-old but maintained his youth by draining children of their adolescence. The result left them as soulless little vampires who will do anything to protect the antagonist.

Throughout the adapted series, we meet numerous supernatural characters with one mission: Destroy Christmasland and Manx. The show’s hero must use her own abilities to track down the ageing vampire and save her son from succumbing to Charlie.

1958 Plymouth Fury

Starring in: Christine | Watch on: Pluto TV

Christine is the classic story of a vehicle of the same name with its own personality and the desire to protect its owner. Unfortunately, its ability to defend the operator quickly turns into a thrill ride as the Fury shows jealousy and possessive traits and harms other characters in the story. 

At first, the Plymouth seems to give the main character and owner, Arnie, more confidence by turning the awkward teenager into a more popular version of himself. However, he soon learns the history of the vehicle and its impact on previous owners. As Arnie restores Christine, she goes on a spree of terror, attacking Arnie’s bullies, girlfriend, and a list of other actors throughout the film. 

Ford Pinto

Starring in: Cujo | Watch on: Fubo TV

During its day, the Ford Pinto was scary enough on its own. Throughout the ’70s, the sedan was shunned due to its inability to withstand its integrity during rear-end collisions. Even moderate-speed accidents often resulted in fuel tank damage and leakages, resulting in a fire eruption. While Pinto wasn’t the main star in the movie Cujo, it certainly played a vital role in becoming a family’s safe haven. 

At the beginning of the film, Cujo is a well-behaved St Bernard. The large dog would eventually stumble upon a small cave where he is bitten by a bat and infected with rabies. Once returning home, his new aggressive personality wreaks havoc on his family and community. The film rolls on with the rabid dog stalking a woman and child who try to survive inside the Pinto while battling dehydration, heatstroke, and a deadly dog-gone-bad. 

Peterbilt 359

Starring in: Joy Ride | Watch on: Amazon, Vudu, Google Play

What started as an enthusiastic cross-country road trip quickly twists into a thrilling horror nightmare between two brothers and a trucker known as Rusty Nail, who drives a Peterbilt 359.

To kill their boredom, the film’s brothers use a CB radio to prank Rusty Nail, claiming to be a female with a handle of Candy Cane. They arrange a meeting at a nearby hotel in room 17, while the duo plans to spend the evening in room 18. When the trucker arrives, the brothers listen to an argument between Rusty Nail and the actual guest in 17, an irritable businessman. The following day, they learn that the businessman was found murdered and mangled on the highway. 

The film then highlights Rusty Nail’s tour of mayhem and retaliation as he prepares a psychotic plan for revenge against the brothers. 

Cadillac Hearse

Starring in: Dead End | Watch on: Amazon

Tell me when something positive has happened after taking a shortcut during a horror flick. The stars of Dead End quickly find out that the road less travelled produces severe consequences. 

The plot begins with a family travelling a remote roadway on Christmas Eve. What starts as a boring trip rapidly turns into a full-on fright fest as the driver spots a woman in white, holding a baby on the side of the road. The woman enters the vehicle and eventually reveals the child in her arms is deceased. 

The night continues to take tragic turns as the Cadillac Hearse makes a recurring appearance each time a family member is harmed. Throughout the film, the actors pursue terrifying interactions with the vehicle and the eerie woman in white who started the night’s events.

1970 Chevrolet Nova

Starring in: Death Proof | Watch on: Vudu, Amazon, Apple 

The Chevy Nova in the film is equipped with safety equipment to make it death proof, but only for the driver. Stuntman Mike is eager to share this lesson with a passenger he picks up from a bar by slamming on the brakes and propelling her face-first into the dashboard of the Nova. He follows up on his treacherous mayhem by chasing down the woman’s friend, rams her car at high speed, and ends her life. 

The film continues as stuntman Mike has a showdown with stuntwoman Zoe. After Zoe begins a game of “Ship’s Mast” with her party, Mike stalks the group, leading into a high-action climax between the Chevy Nova and a Dodge Challenger. Zoe and her friends commit to ending Mike’s reign of terror but are tasked with removing him from the death-proof vehicle before he can meet his demise. 

Director Quentin Tarantino has shown love for the Nova in various films, including Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs, so it’s no surprise the classic car became a feature in one of his movies. There were seven Novas used throughout the film, but only two remain as the others couldn’t withstand the stunts and abuse. 

1971 Lincoln Continental

Starring in: The Car | Watch on: Hulu, Amazon, Apple TV

The cult-classic movie The Car stars a possessed Lincoln Continental that goes on a murderous rampage. The film follows a small-town police team on a mission to track down the killer committing these crimes. Unfortunately, the hit-and-run cases plaguing his town are at the hands of a driverless, supernatural car. 

The film is a must-see flick for those that love high-speed pursuits. Early in the plot, the Continental is ambushed by a fleet of police vehicles and littered with bullets. After destroying numerous emergency cars, and officers, the Lincoln is confronted by the Chief Deputy. It’s revealed that the gunshots failed to dent the metal, the vehicle lacked door handles and confirmed that the cockpit was driverless. 

The final confrontation includes the Lincoln, local deputies, a cliff, and an explosion—you can probably see where we’re going with this. For the film, legendary car maker George Harris designed six different Continentals. Five didn’t survive the action-packed stunts leaving only one in existence. 

Fanatics of the original movie can check out the 2019 sequel, The Car: Road to Revenge, which is currently on Netflix.


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