The Handsome And Stylish 2021 Mazda6

The Handsome And Stylish 2021 Mazda6

The Handsome And Stylish 2021 Mazda6
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The 2021 Mazda6 has arrived with robust technology, an all-new appearance edition, and the familiar driving experience that has made the vehicle a popular family sedan. While there are no plans for an eco-friendly hybrid option, this car still achieves impressive ratings in fuel economy. Learn more about what’s expected in the new model year when it comes to features, drivetrain configurations, and the remarkable interior design.

What is the 2021 Mazda6?

The Mazda6 is a midsize sedan that has been in production since 2002. The 2021 model offers drivers two peppy 2.5-litre four-cylinder motors—one of which is a turbocharged engine. With innovative features inside, a spacious cabin, and sleek design options, the Mazda6 remains fun to drive and boasts a relatively affordable price tag.  

New for the 2021 model year is the Mazda6 Kuro Edition. This sleek sedan features black metallic finish alloy wheels, black exterior wheels, and an aggressive decklid spoiler. The interior stands out from other midsize sedans with its decked-out Garnet Red leather seats and unique contrasting thread throughout the cabin. 

While the 2021 Mazda6 didn’t undergo a substantial remodel, this year’s version does include a few cool upgrades. Technology buffs will find things to cheer about as the vehicle supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility on all trims, while advanced safety innovations are standard equipment. A number of submodels are offered on this year’s Mazda6—the GS, GS-L, GT, Kuro, and Signature—but the build options are similar across the board, making the purchasing process more straightforward. 

What’s Under the 2021 Mazda6’s Hood?

Buyers of the Mazda6 can choose between two 2.5-litre four-cylinder motors mated with the same six-speed automatic transmission. The naturally aspirated base engine is rated to achieve 187 horsepower and 186 lb-ft of torque. This setup is rated for 8.0 L/100km combined, with 9.1 L/100km in the city and 6.7 L/100km on highway commutes.  

For a more powerful daily driver, the four-cylinder turbocharged engine boosts the performance to a whopping 250 horsepower and 320 lb-ft of torque. To achieve these ratings, Mazda recommends using premium gasoline. The turbo model’s fuel expectations are less substantial than the base engine’s, with 23/31, city/highway.

While the Mazda6 engines can’t quite compete with the power offered by competitors like the Hyundai Sonata or Toyota Camry, this midsize sedan does provide seamless shifting and exceptional ride quality.

How’s the 2021 Mazda6’s Interior?

While the exterior of the 2021 Mazda6 with a Soul Red paint job looks sharp, the interior is where the family sedan shines. The cabin comfortably seats up to five passengers and offers folding rear seats to create usable storage space. The additional area is excellent for carrying more luggage or cargo, although the trunk still provides plenty of room, with 14.7 cubic feet of available space.

Across all trim levels, the inside of the vehicle showcases high-quality materials to create a contemporary, sleek environment. Standard interior equipment includes manually adjusted cloth seats. On more premium trim levels, the Mazda6 offers numerous upgrades, including

  •     Synthetic leather upholstery
  •     Genuine leather upholstery
  •     Six- or eight-way power-adjustable seating
  •     Heated front and rear seats and steering wheel

How’s the 2021 Mazda6’s Tech?

One of the most exciting advancements is Apple CarPlay and Android Auto’s standard inclusion in every 2021 Mazda6 model. The infotainment system that supports smartphone connectivity is an eight-inch, full-colour touch display that stands prominently upright in the cabin rather than being integrated into the dashboard. If you’re familiar with similar devices, you’ll know that the interface is sleek and user-friendly.

It’s worth noting that you can only operate the touchscreen infotainment system while the vehicle is stationary. When the vehicle is moving, you must use a physical control knob to manage settings and features. It’s considered an active safety feature, encouraging drivers to pay attention to the road rather than navigating the screen’s functions.

Advanced technology in the premium trim levels includes a stellar Bose 11-speaker sound system and built-in navigation abilities. While you can access turn-by-turn directions with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto software, the Mazda-based program shows off some of the vehicle’s most advanced technology. On applicable models, a system called Active Driving Display is available. When activated, the driver sees essential trip data projected onto the windshield. Information like speed, lane departure warnings, directions, posted speed limits, and traffic sign recognition all display onto the road ahead.

The 2021 Mazda6 also comes with numerous safety features that can be added to most trim options. The Mazda i-ACTIVSENSE suite uses cameras and sensors that work together to increase driver awareness and limit the risk of a collision. Some of the state-of-the-art technology includes

  •     Adaptive Front-lighting System
  •     High Beam Control
  •     Mazda Radar Cruise Control
  •     Lane Departure Warning System
  •     Acceleration Control (automatic transmission)
  •     Smart Brake Support

The available Active Drive Display integrates with many of these features and displays vital information on the windshield HUD.

Each of the available trim levels includes a push-button start, but the more expensive submodels are equipped with Mazda’s Advanced Keyless Entry System. A high-tech key fob allows drivers to lock and unlock doors, start the vehicle, and even operate the power liftgate—all remotely. Fortunately, the sedan also offers a manual key that can be used to unlock doors and start the car if the fob fails.

Our Take on the 2021 Mazda6

This affordable and innovative four-door car has a lot to offer as a family sedan or a daily driver for someone looking for a midsize vehicle. Of course, the higher-end trims provide the most advanced features when it comes to technology and safety, but don’t dismiss the more inexpensive submodels. They are still packed with features and attractive options that are standard equipment from Mazda.  

The Mazda i-ACTIVSENSE paired with the cutting-edge Active Driving Display offers one of the most impressive innovations in modern vehicles. Since drivers receive pertinent data about their vehicle’s performance and surroundings without taking their eyes off the road, many distractions are eliminated. Plus, it’s pretty futuristic to broadcast a digital projection into your field of vision, simply making the car fun to drive.  

If a sleek exterior, advanced interior, and outstanding performance are all on your shopping list, the 2021 Mazda6 may check all the “must-have” boxes. 


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